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W1: Planning and prototyping

1.1 Create a fictitious client

Foundation name: Clear future

Byline: Bringing life back to sea life

Business concept: Clear future clears the ocean from waste by gathering big waste piles (especially plastic waste) floating in the ocean as well as vacuuming micro plastics. The plastic is sorted out and melted into smaller blocks which are then sent to cooperative factories.

Profile (one paragraph on how they appear): Clear Future is a non-profit foundation that cleans the ocean for waste, especially plastic. They raise funds through investors, donations and by selling their products made of recycled ocean waste. All the profits go solely to the organization’s purpose of cleaning the ocean of waste.

Vision: A future without waste in the ocean.

Audience: Investors within the technology industry.

Worldwide politicians.

People who are concerned about plastic pollution and sea life.


Research on existing websites:










1.2 Create your own brief

Client Brief – Clear Future


Last ned PDF • 183KB

1.3 Create your website architecture and wireframes

Brief 1

1. Website architecture

2. Wireframes

More detailed sketch of the main page

Brief 2 – Provide your own hosting service

I already have a website and hosting service at from the 1st year of Graphic Design. The website domain is:

1.4 Create your own website prototype