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W30: Fashion Photography

Task 1.1 Planning a fashion shoot

Question 1

In your own words, describe the procedure of planning a fashion shoot. You don’t need to go into too much detail, a short outline will do.

Before doing a fashion shoot, there are many things that are important to do beforehand. You have to read about the client, who they are, why they need the shoot, if they have any requirements and what the concept is. It is also a good idea to make a mood board so that everyone (stylist, makeup artist etc.) knows what to do and what kind of theme and feel the shoot is going to be. Creating a storyboard is also a good thing to do, this includes different poses, angles and focus points. You have to find the right location before doing the shoot.

What are the stylist’s duties?

The stylist handles the clothes, costumes, props and other accessories. It is important to include the stylist in the planning process, so he or she can plan what clothes and accessories the model should wear.

List your duties as photographer

The duties as a photographer is of course to take the photographs, but before the shoot the photographer needs to plan what camera equipment he or she should bring to the location. Do they need a tripod, extra batteries or something else? This should be considered carefully because you don’t want to bring too much heavy weight with you, but at the same time you don’t want to forget important equipment. The photographer should also make the model comfortable with the situation – especially if the model is unexperienced. The photographer should also guide the model and suggest poses and angles throughout the shoot.

What equipment would you take along on the Alice in Wonderland shoot that was featured in this module?

To this particular shoot I would bring the camera, different lenses, a tripod to avoid shaking the camera, a softbox, extra light sources, reflector, extra batteries for the camera and some memory cards.

Find an editorial fashion spread in a fashion magazine. Explain what you think the concept was, what equipment they used and how the location affected the concept. Scan or photograph the shoot and hand it in along with your answer.

Even though this issue of Vogue is from January 2021, I first thought it was from the 90’s because of the clothes, the color tone and the simplicity of the cover. I think they went for a retro theme, with the aim for the 90’s. They have also used Kate Moss as a model for the shoot – one of the most popular models during the 90’s. It looks like the shot was taken in a studio, but with softened and warmer light. It seems like they don’t mind the “random” shadows that are cast in different directions.

Question 2

If you have not yet watched the video tutorial on an Editorial Assignment, then watch it now:

I have watched the video, and learned a lot. I think it was very fascinating to hear that Douglas Kirkland took photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Plan a Snow White themed fashion shoot

Create a mood board for hair, make-up and fashion

Create a storyboard

Create a shot list

Fashion shoot for Snow white

Location: Beiarn, Norway

Team on set

Makeup artist: Malin Steffen Berg

Stylist: Malin Steffen Berg

Art Director: Malin Steffen Berg

Photographer: Malin Steffen Berg

Assistant: Malin Steffen Berg

Model: Name Example

Equipment needed

Wide angle, macro and 50 mm lenses

Camera body

Memory cards

Battery chargers

Light set

Diffuse boxes



Outfit 1: Model on the path surrounded by trees, walking away

Outift 2: Model by tree

Outfit 3: Model close-up, holding hands under chin

Outfit 4: Model attempting to eat a red apple, in profile


12:00 Hair

13:00 Makeup

13:45 Clothes

14:00 Go to location

14:15 Arrive at location: Photographer starts taking test shots to find the right settings while model is getting ready with the help of hair stylist, stylist and makeup-artist.

14:30 Start of photoshoot

16:00 End of photoshoot

16:15 Pack everything, leave from location