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Lesson task: The journey here

From yesterday on, I’m a full time student at Noroff – School of technology and digital media. I’m going to study Graphic design for two years, and the good part is that I can do it from home since it’s an online study.

If you are new to my blog/website – first of all; welcome! I want to present myself, so that you know a little bit more about me and who I am.

My name is Malin Steffen Berg, I’m 25 years old and live in a small village called Beiarn in Nordland, Norway. In february/march this year, I decided to start my own company within graphic design, even though I don’t have any education in graphic design (I guess I could say that I am self-taught). I do have a bachelors degree in Product design from HiOA (now OsloMet), but I really want to learn about graphic design properly and that’s why I chose Graphic design at Noroff.

I have many different interests and hobbies. I like to draw and paint and I post my artwork on my Instagram account “malingmalin”, I play the cornet in the local brass band, I like to go slalom skiing in the winter, I like to visit our cabin in the mountains and I like gaming.

My goal with the graphic design study at Noroff, is to get the competence, knowledge and education I need to work in a design studio or company. Even though I run my own company, I miss working together with people who loves design as much as I do, and I really hope that I get the chance to work in a design business in the future.