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W10-12: LT: Design of layout in InDesign

Using InDesign, design a 8-page brochure for a fictitious travel agent.

1.The size of the brochure should be A5 (when it is folded).

2. Design the brochure in full colour.

3. Use fake body copy, but create sensible headings.

4. Use titles, headings and images of your choice.

5. Be sure to pay attention to:

  • Choice of type
  • Choice of imagery
  • Use of layout and grid to communicate the content

I chose to create a travel brochure for the fictitious travel agent “Norwegian train tours”. I wanted to show how many places you can visit in Norway by train. Early on I had an idea of one winter themed page and one summer themed page. I also got an idea of cut out windows in the brochure, so that it illustrates the view from the train. I am quite happy with the result, and I even tried (for the very first time) to make mock-up brochures from scratch.

Folding of the brochure

The fold of the brochure is an accordion type, where the pages are folded inwards so that it opens like a book. Here are some pictures I took to illustrate how the brochure is folded.

Here are all of the pages individually:

Front page

Back page

Left page covering inside left page (summer)

Inside left page (summer)

Inside, inside left page (summer)

Right page covering inside right page (winter)

Inside right page (winter)

Inside, inside right page (winter)

Print files


I spent a lot of time to create the grid system including the baseline grid. I have never done it before, so I had to try and fail a couple of times before I finally made it. I chose to have a tight grid, as I tried working with a larger one to start with. I found that the smaller grid was easier to work with and gave a lot more opportunities.

Grid system

Baseline grid system

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All other images are taken by me.