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W6: LT: Mood Board

One of this weeks lesson tasks is to make unique Mood Board for my personal brand.

I actually ended up using only photos that I took myself, except for the paint brush which I found on Pixabay. As you probably can tell I am very inspired by the nature. I like to keep things simple and minimalist, and didn’t want to fill up my Mood Board with too much.

The map on the left is actually an old map from where I live now. You can see the place where I live named “Molien” (called “Molid” today). The map is quite large (1 x 1,15 m) and is hanging on the wall in my home office. I chose to include the map in the Mood Board because I really like the style it has; the lines, the old thick paper, the font and the symbols.

The wooden piece is a piece of juniper (called “einer” in Norwegian), and it is my favourite type of wood because of the texture, smell and rarity. This piece of juniper is from the forest where I live. I like how it adds warmth to the Mood Board.

The pine cone is from the forest where I grew up, and I use it as decoration in my living room. I like how the pine cone adds texture and contrast to the Mood Board, as well as symbolizing nature. It also adds warmth to the Mood Board, just like the wooden piece.

The crooked branches are something I bought at the local florist. I have them in a vase in the living room. I thought they would add some more movement to the Mood Board as well as bringing in nature.

The black and white picture is a picture of the mountain that I see from my house. I really like the mountain because I get to see all of the changes it has during all seasons. The mountain is called “Høgtind” and is 1405 meters above sea level.

The black paint stroke and the paint brush is symbolizing my hobby of painting and also my love for art. I chose to go with black because I like the contrast and the graphic look it gives. I like to use black and grey in my designs because they feel classic, modern and neat at the same time. I often start out with white, grey and black, and add other colours if necessary.

Image sources:

Paint brush:

All other images are taken by me.

The Mood Board is made in Adobe InDesign. Some of the images are edited in Lightroom. Some of the images are edited in Adobe Photoshop to gain transparency. The black brush stroke is made in Adobe Photoshop.