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W9: Design history and styles

Task 2.1

I chose to do this task in InDesign, and I was highly inspired by the International Typographic Style. The answers can be downloaded as a PDF.


Task 2.2

1 Objective observation

My thought is that a computer opens up a whole new world of creativity! Just think about all the different digital art that has been made, and all images that have been edited in Photoshop. Another important role that the computer plays is that it makes a lot of design work easier. For example, if you draw a nice illustration by hand and want to make a pattern out of it, you can simply scan it with a scanner and edit the illustration in Illustrator to make it even more perfect. After you are happy with the illustration, you can use multiple tools to make a pattern. By vectorising the artwork, you can also change the color of the pattern, making endless possibilities out of a simple hand-drawn illustration.

I really liked how Marian made the grape poster (made for R-Wines in Australia) and how she researched and found out that grapes come in many different shapes and sizes. By hand-drawing the grapes as an alphabet, and then later scanning them into the computer, she was able to make a poster where you have to study it to find out the hidden messages of it.

Personally, I like to draw by hand before entering the computer. There is nothing that can compare to the good old paper and pencil. However, when the sketching part is done, and maybe some refined drawings are made, I like to use the computer to make further adjustments and be even more creative. On the computer I can do things that I can’t with the pencil. I also like the idea of taking photos of different objects like Marian did with the flower petals. She managed to make beautiful letters by arranging flower petals, photographing them and transferring them to the computer.

2 Pushing technology and changing philosophy

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do this task due to the Course Assignment.