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Lesson task: Moodle illustration

When I first logged in to Moodle, I was very confused because there was a lot of information all over the place. When I read about the task for the Moodle illustration I immediately thought of a labyrinth. I started sketching while I surfed around Moodle, trying to figure out where everything was. My first idea was to draw a complicated labyrinth with many paths and dead ends, but as I got to know Moodle a little bit better, my labyrinth didn’t end up as complicated as I first thought. The first thing I meet when I log in to Moodle is the dashboard, which is why the first thing in the labyrinth is a dashboard. From there you can get to all of the different “rooms” via other rooms and areas. I chose to have Noroffs red color on top of the walls. This task really helped me understand Moodle better, but I still have a lot to learn.