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W20: Design Different Looks

Copy the exact content from a homepage of a website of your choice. Now redesign this homepage in three different ways. Each design should evoke a different emotional response from viewers. You can choose what you would like these emotional responses to be.

I chose to redesign, which is an online market place. The original design has got a white background with blue and turquoise logo and graphic elements.

The original website:

In my redesigns I chose to block out the ads, since they are not necessary and take away the focus from the design.

1. Luxury

Here I wanted to make a luxurious style. I want the visitor to get a feeling of luxury and high quality.

2. Trust

Dark blue on websites are often associated with trust. It is also a very calm and relaxing color. I want the visitor to feel like they can trust this website.

3. Eco friendly

Green is often associated with nature and “eco-friendliness”. I want the visitor to get the feeling that this website is eco friendly and concerned with nature.