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W19: Providing your own hosting service

I already have a hosting service, and I’ve had it since 2016. My web hosting service is, and it is also my website builder. I have the Premium plan, which provides a wider range than the free version as you can see in the table down below:

My custom domain is and I’ve had the domain name since 2016. At that time I was a product design student, and needed a website to showcase my work as a product designer. I chose the domain name because it was short and easy to remember, and it contained my name. I am glad I didn’t choose a name that was locked to product design, like “productdesignbymalin” or something like that, as that name wouldn’t fit to the graphic design work that I am producing today. I pay for the Premium plan and the domain name once a year, and I am very happy with what I get.

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