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W21: Layout design

4.1 Front Cover

My inspiration:

I have chosen the Swiss style and Armin Hofmann for inspiration. I feel that this style suits me best since I like things neat, simple and organized.

First cover (before feedback):

I like to keep the color palette neat, and therefore chose black and white for this cover. To make the design more interesting I chose to add yellow. Yellow is also a color that I can relate to, as it is often associated with creativity, happiness and warmth.

I chose to make a graphic design magazine with myself holding a color fan on the cover. I made the image a little bit grainier to make it look more vintage (like the “Giselle” poster by Armin Hofmann).

Presenting and discussing (Moodle forum):

I asked for feedback on Moodle and got some good tips from both a tutor and a fellow student.

Here is the end result: