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W6: LT: Customer profile

Create two consumer profiles for a fictional client.

You are free to choose the client and the product.

List the things that you think are important to include in a consumer profile and show your research.


I chose to make customer profiles for the fictional company “Food & Malt”, which is part of the course assignment that we have to deliver next Friday. “Food & Malt” provides good quality homemade lunches and evening snacks, and have a great selection of beers complement each meal. Their target audience is young urban individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in culture, food, design, trends and the night scene.

I did a lot of research before making the customer profiles. I started by watching this weeks video courses on LinkedIn Learning, and found all of the videos helpful, especially the video “17 Questions to Help Improve Your Marketing” where he explained about “buyer personas”.

I also made a section under my “Graphic design” board on Pinterest, called “Customer profile”. I pinned some images that I found interesting both in design and content.

What I think is important to include in a customer profile

The content in the customer profiles that I found was very different. I chose to base my customer profile on the one from the LinkedIn Learning video, but I still ended up with something slightly different. The first thing I added was the demographics. I chose to have the name, age, profession, gender, marital status and living situation as the highlighted info. I then continued with five personality traits, which many of the profiles I found online didn’t have. I thought the personality traits would help picturing the customer even more. Another thing that I thought was important to include was interests and hobbies, and I even included a “special interest”, which is a unique and important interest of the customer. Since this customer profile was made for a pub serving beer and food, I chose to include the customers favorite food and drink (in this case beer). I also included needs and barriers that the customer might have.

Here are my two customer profiles:


Both pictures are obtained from

All illustrations are made by me.