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W7: Branding and Marketing

3.1 A personal survey

I chose to interview my boyfriend who runs his own company within excavating and heavy equipment.

Name: Thomas Johansen

Age: 27

Profession: CEO of a heavy equipment company

Describe yourself with 3 words

Engaged, precise, purposeful

What does the company do?

Rental of machine driving

What makes your company unique?

Focus on preciseness and to do a good job

Who are your clients/customers/target group?

Big entrepreneurs and the private market

What are your main goals for your business?

To grow (employees and machines)

Operate financially

Be environmentally conscious

Describe your company with 3 words




What is the vision of the company?

“Stolthet i hvert spadetak” («Pride in every shovel dig»)

3.2 Clarify the strategy

Design Brief


Last ned PDF • 45KB

3.3 Preparing for brand development

I have already made a logo for my boyfriends company some years ago, and he is really happy with it. The thought behind the logo is that the name is easy to read, and that the profession is easy to understand (therefore, the excavator). The logo is used on work wear, company car and many other touchpoints.


  • Vehicles
  • Machines
  • Work clothes
  • Merch (t-shirts, pens, buffs etc.)

Manage the assets

Use social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Show how your company work by posting images and videos from the different projects.