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W21: Put Thought Into Your Design

Design a 5-page website or blog to promote your hometown (or any other place if you so choose). Present your design along with a strategy that explains the decisions you’ve made during the design process (keep the six steps mentioned in the lesson Web Design Process: Designing for Web (part 2) in mind). Remember, it’s important for us to see how you think, so explain why you decided to do things the way you did.

This is a front-end design lesson task. No coding or publishing is needed.

I chose to make a website for Beiarn, which is the municipality I live in. It is a much visited municipality with a lot of tourists, both local tourists from nearby, and foreign tourists. Many people have got a cabin in Beiarn, and it is therefore a so-called “cabin-municipality”. In the summer the most popular thing to do in Beiarn is salmon fishing in the river, and there are many fishing tourists from all around the world, especially from Finland and Sweden.

Beiarn has got a beautiful nature with a lot of things to do both in the summer and winter, and that is why I chose it for this task. Based on the things I mentioned above, I tried to make a website where the images speaks for themselves to show the beautiful nature of Beiarn. I also wanted to avoid too much clutter and text which could distract the viewer. I also chose to include a button in the upper right corner where you can change language. If I were to make a real website for a real client (in this case Beiarn municipality), I would probably include the languages German and Finnish (in addition to Norwegian and English).

All photos are taken by me (Malin Steffen Berg).


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